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Week 1
This class is 7 weeks long but we only meet for 45 min each day.
dsc05074.jpg (49952 bytes)
After a quick lesson on a straw hoop plane, we get to test them in the All Purpose Room (gym)
dsc05075.jpg (47366 bytes)
The kids quickly discovered that they can get better air time if launched from atop the stage!
dsc05076.jpg (54659 bytes)
There's always *one* in a class... LOL
dsc05079.jpg (44699 bytes)
All of the kids have a tendency to want to throw their planes UP.  It takes a while to coach them in the proper methods of launching a glider.
dsc05080.jpg (51862 bytes)
This glider makes wide loops if thrown too hard.
dsc05081.jpg (32278 bytes)
Before long the kids are getting the hang of it and their glide times are improving.
dsc05083.jpg (54108 bytes)
Another barrage of planes heads my way!
Next week we have no class and the week after that I will be out of town so we won't get back together until week 4
Week 4
Not many pix from this week!
DSC05578.jpeg (56228 bytes)
We explored balsa airplanes
DSC05579.jpeg (43359 bytes)
And puddle jumpers
Week 5 & 6
We spent 2 weeks with the foam airplanes
DSC05731.jpeg (57499 bytes)
Here the kids are building them.  We had some shaped like conventional airplanes and some shaped like space shuttles
DSC05732.jpeg (49705 bytes)
Learning how to best throw them was the biggest challenge
DSC05733.jpeg (62019 bytes)
A few spent a good deal of time making sure everything was just right, including the stickers.
DSC05734.jpeg (48950 bytes)
But, in the end we were all tossing them around the All Purpose Room (APR)
DSC05735.jpeg (48036 bytes)
Kids tried several methods of flying them, experimenting with what the crafts would do.
DSC05737.jpeg (65961 bytes)
They loved having the ability of tossing them from atop the stage.
DSC05738.jpeg (47034 bytes)
Love getting these shots of all of the planes coming right at the camera.
DSC05741.jpeg (60190 bytes)
This created an interesting logistical problem until the janitor offered a broom stick...
DSC05742.jpeg (46848 bytes)
We got some good air time in the warmth of the APR.
Short movie
The kids all toss their planes right at me

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