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Week 3
This is a continuation of the 5 week program at Litchfield starting at week 3.  We now begin our Flight Club class for 2 weeks.
dsc05084.jpg (61877 bytes)
Nate works on the trim to get better time on his paper airplane
dsc05087.jpg (70065 bytes)
This week we were restricted to the classroom which didn't offer much room to test our creations.  But we all had a good time anyway!
dsc05088.jpg (69391 bytes)
When we're not seriously designing, or seriously building, or seriously testing...   ...we're seriously having FUN!
dsc05089.jpg (57628 bytes)
A barrage of planes headed my way!
Next week we hope to do kites if I can still find them on the shelves.  If not we will continue with planes, with a focus on balsa creations.  We will also have contests with them!
Week 4
No kites this week so we went with balsa planes and puddle jumpers (little helicopter devices)
DSC05195.jpeg (68329 bytes)
Alexis took some time getting used to the technique to make the puddle jumpers work, but she finally got it.
DSC05196.jpeg (53167 bytes)
The kids loved the thought of nailing me (or trying to) with the puddle jumpers
DSC05197.jpeg (68346 bytes)
I even gave them a second chance!
DSC05198.jpeg (73062 bytes)
Close, but no cigar LOL
We later played "golf" with the puddle jumpers
DSC05199.jpeg (52939 bytes)
Next up for the afternoon were small balsa airplanes.  We started with gliders and finished with the rubber band powered birds.
DSC05200.jpeg (55425 bytes)
Again the challenge to nail me with a plane this time!
DSC05201.jpeg (47340 bytes)
The kids got these flying a lot quicker than the puddle jumpers.
DSC05203.jpeg (66912 bytes)
Focused on a good build to assure good flights.
DSC05204.jpeg (61788 bytes)
These kids actually read the instructions!  And it showed too.
DSC05205.jpeg (74454 bytes)
They learned quickly that you have to be gentle with balsawood parts.
DSC05207.jpeg (62495 bytes)
There was a real thrill while they experimented with wing position and throwing angles.
DSC05208.jpeg (48090 bytes)
3, 2, 1, CONTACT!  Orville would have been proud :)
DSC05209.jpeg (65015 bytes)
These kids had fun learning new things (and so did I)

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