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Week 1
No pictures for this week as we could not begin construction due to lack of tools (one of the problems with start-up at the beginning of the year - The tools were misplaced and it wasn't discovered till class time.)
Week 2
1/2 of the class (6th graders) had to partake of a field trip.  Therefore we switch from the more complex Lil' Guy kit to the Whatchamacallit kit, which can be built in one class.  We will work begin the Lil' Guy next week when we have the entire class. 
dsc04183.jpg (74529 bytes)
Engine mount assembled, we begin working on the fins of the Whatchamacallit
dsc04184.jpg (69505 bytes)
I encourage classmates to learn from others.  Jeff (right) has been to several of my classes and can be a big help with the newer members of our rocketry classes.
dsc04185.jpg (63458 bytes)
The fins presented a bit of a challenge for many until curiosity and effort pays off!
dsc04186.jpg (65958 bytes)
After test fitting the fins together, they now apply glue to finish the fin assembly.
dsc04187.jpg (71737 bytes)
Fin assemblies near completion, we prepare to move on in the assembly.
dsc04188.jpg (56459 bytes)
All sub-assemblies (engine mount, fins, streamer), we begin the final assembly.
dsc04189.jpg (60066 bytes)
Attaching the fin unit
dsc04190.jpg (59703 bytes)
Some with fins swept forward, some swept rearward.
dsc04191.jpg (62499 bytes)
Last step, attaching the Launch Lug.
dsc04193.jpg (52218 bytes)
The class poses with their creations!
dsc04194.jpg (69854 bytes)
The kids were goofing around but it looked like it would make a really cool picture, and it did!
Week 3
Lil' Guy assembly
dsc04319.jpg (69886 bytes)
With the Whatchamacallit done, we now begin work on the Lil' Guy model.
dsc04320.jpg (79229 bytes)
Engine mounts complete, these kids show them off with pride!
dsc04321.jpg (65018 bytes)
Every class has got at least ONE... LOL
dsc04323.jpg (47151 bytes)
The kids learn about using a corner or sill to draw straight lines on a body tube.
dsc04326.jpg (36102 bytes)
Marking the fin lines on a body tube using the marker tray on the white board.
dsc04327.jpg (69550 bytes)
Learning the technique of sanding a stack of fins to get them all the same size and shape.
dsc04328.jpg (72759 bytes)
Cutting out fins for the very first time.
dsc04329.jpg (65297 bytes)
Learning the use of a razor knife, straight edge and cutting board.
dsc04330.jpg (75452 bytes)
The cutting of fins kept the class busy for quite a while.
dsc04331.jpg (69793 bytes)
Nearly complete
dsc04332.jpg (74723 bytes)
We finish up the fins and then wrap it up for the day.  Next week we finish the assembly!
Week 4
dsc04441.jpg (64152 bytes)
Applying glue for the Engine Mount
dsc04442.jpg (64741 bytes)
SUCCESS!  I got my engine mount installed!  Now THAT'S a happy face!
dsc04443.jpg (61130 bytes)
One of my more serious Litchfield rocketeers.  Working hard to do a good job.
dsc04444.jpg (53394 bytes)
Investigating the shock cord set up
dsc04446.jpg (62943 bytes)
Engine mount installed, now on to the fins.
dsc04445.jpg (63806 bytes)
Learning the fine art of attaching fins.
Week 5
Whatchamacallit and 
Lil' Guy
kits all built, we are ready to fly and I am about to see how these kids were able to decorate (finish) their models!
dsc04566.jpg (66246 bytes)
Having arrived at the field a few minutes earlier, I had the launch site all set up and ready to go when the kids came walking over the hill
dsc04567.jpg (74508 bytes)
It was a chilly, though calm day.  We dove right in, learning how to prep our motors and install our recovery device.  First up is the Whatchamacallit
dsc04568.jpg (63379 bytes)
Showing off his preped Whatchamacallit.  Only about half the class was able to attend the launch, so we had far fewer models than expected for the day
dsc04569.jpg (80143 bytes)
The trick of figuring out just how to fold that streamer so that it fits the narrow body tube.
dsc04571.jpg (72612 bytes)
We're ready to begin!  I always like to get a picture of the kids BEFORE we start loosing rockets.  They're usually much happier... LOL
dsc04572.jpg (73159 bytes)
As the kids become quickly aware, I am just a spectator.  I will explain everything they need to know to do the job, but in the end THEY must DO the job.
dsc04573.jpg (64819 bytes)
I also try to make a point of getting a posed shot with each pair of rockets.
dsc04574.jpg (44431 bytes)
And we have LIFTOFF of the first rocket of the class!
dsc04575.jpg (37396 bytes)
The second one is not far behind.  We're off to a great start!
dsc04576.jpg (66079 bytes)
Here you can see it coming back (see the yellow streamer in the upper left?)  No, this did NOT land in the tree!
dsc04578.jpg (71600 bytes)
Hooking up igniter clips for the first time can be a daunting task
dsc04579.jpg (78820 bytes)
Ok, you know how you hear people saying "there's one in every crowd"?  There he is, on the left...  LOL
dsc04580.jpg (41849 bytes)
He may be a "card" when posing for pictures, but he is a rocketeer in the truest sense of the word!  Perfect flight!
dsc04581.jpg (57106 bytes)
All picture perfect so far!
dsc04582.jpg (64972 bytes)
The only girl in our class, she fit right in (it certainly helped that she knew many of the boys already).  She worked as hard as anyone and did a great job
dsc04583.jpg (51622 bytes)
In this round, she was odd man out so only one rocket in this set up
dsc04584.jpg (46867 bytes)
Perfection takes to the air once again!  Good little rocket, that Whatchamacallit!
dsc04585.jpg (57466 bytes)
For the next rocket (Lil' Guy), we mixed up the order of the kids.
dsc04586.jpg (67910 bytes)
Ben is our experience rocketeer, having built rockets with me in last years class and even some on his own over the summer.
dsc04587.jpg (68084 bytes)
The posed shot - I love it when the kids cut up for this picture.
dsc04588.jpg (46198 bytes)
Ok, after taking pictures of Whatchamacallit's, which are quick off the pad, I have to adjust for the slower Lil' Guy...
dsc04589.jpg (37699 bytes)
While my shutter finger was a little quick, these were all great flights, each and every one!
dsc04590.jpg (58705 bytes)
All near field recovered as well!
dsc04591.jpg (62825 bytes)
Hooking up the clips the second time around is much easier.
dsc04592.jpg (76356 bytes)
All smiles on this cool Autumn day.
dsc04594.jpg (48116 bytes)
LIFTOFF!  Again, quick on the shutter.  This one drifted over the trees but landed in an adjacent field.
dsc04595.jpg (85728 bytes)
The retrieval party returns, rocket in hand (the boy in red)
dsc04597.jpg (31709 bytes)
The other Lil' Guy drifted back, over our heads and landed in the empty parking lot
dsc04599.jpg (76920 bytes)
One of the boys missed one of the assembly days for the Lil' Guy and didn't finish it.  Instead he brought an Alpha III and asked if he could launch it.  Of course he can!  On the right is our director, Bill, with the honor of launching my Espresso kit.
dsc04600.jpg (57982 bytes)
Dang, fast on the shutter again!  Perfect flight on the Alhpa III on an A8-3
dsc04601.jpg (56041 bytes)
There goes the recovery crew!
dsc04602.jpg (56073 bytes)
The Espresso turned in a great flight to end the days activities.  The looks on the kids faces says it all.  Jobs well done!
The next 5 week session begins next week.  Due to the proximity to Halloween I will be running a fast paced 2-week Pumpkin Carving class followed by a short 3-week Flight Club class.  Stay tuned!

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