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Week 1
We had no pumpkins this week as the crops are running late due to a wet start to summer.  We will have to wait till next week.
Week 2
No pictures this week.  We had lecture on the carving technique with practice on our first pumpkins.  Class was too hectic to allow for picture taking.  We'll do better next week!  Promise!
Week 3
Since our practice pumpkins were such good pumpkins, we decided to make them our first *real* pumpkins to carve as well.  Therefore, last week, I told the kids to do all of their practice on the backs of the pumpkins.  This week we drew and began carving our first of two pumpkins.  I forewarned the kids that if they went with too simple a design that they would finish too early and be bored.  Sure enough... but more on that next week. 
dsc04159.jpg (55863 bytes)
Waiting for the kids, I have laid out the tools for our carving adventure.  Scissors, tape, pens, razor knives and wood chisels. Oh, yeah, and the obligatory cup of coffee too! 
dsc04161.jpg (62684 bytes)
Some kids are still drawing while some have begun carving already.
dsc04162.jpg (61299 bytes)
Carving well under way!
dsc04163.jpg (66504 bytes)
This young lady was in my last couple of pumpkin classes and she knows how boring it can be if you go too quickly.  She also knows how much better your final work will look if you take your time.
dsc04164.jpg (69344 bytes)
New to this form of carving, she has a very good grasp of the technique
dsc04165.jpg (66871 bytes)
Everyone is hard at work.  Note the position of the non-carving hands as they hold the pumpkin.  They are instructed to keep their hands away from the path of the carving tool.
dsc04166.jpg (70411 bytes)
For removing large areas, we offer a selection of wood chisels.  This boy is carving a duplicate of the Halloween mask he made.
dsc04167.jpg (65915 bytes)
LEGO seemed to be a popular theme.  These kids quickly learned that letters can be the most difficult things to carve!
dsc04168.jpg (69174 bytes)
A sports related pumpkin.  The kids quickly picked up on the fact that your pumpkin need NOT be Halloween themed.
dsc04169.jpg (67039 bytes)
Working out doors in the bright sun is a wonderful change from the classroom.
dsc04170.jpg (64212 bytes)
Basic carving shapes and themes allow the student to focus on technique and learning the tools first.
dsc04171.jpg (76844 bytes)
After drawing her teddy bear on the pumpkin, carving can now begin.
dsc04173.jpg (58295 bytes)
As the kids were wrapping up, I decided to begin a carving of my own.
dsc04174.jpg (63095 bytes)
Having finished his carving, this young man decided to add more artwork to his pumpkin!
dsc04175.jpg (63926 bytes)
The bear is coming out great.  Taking her time, she is doing a wonderful job.
dsc04176.jpg (60084 bytes)
Another LEGO pumpkin!  Next week we complete our carving and we will gut and light these first pumpkins.
Week 4
dsc04278.jpg (77385 bytes)
With little carving left to do on these pumpkins, the kids finished up quickly and we all posed for a pumpkin picture!
dsc04279.jpg (17441 bytes)
Inside, we lit them all up!
dsc04280.jpg (23061 bytes)
Here are close-ups of the pumpkins.
dsc04281.jpg (22536 bytes)
These are hard to get good pictures of, that's for sure!
dsc04282.jpg (22571 bytes)
I was very pleased with how well the kids did and I think they were shocked at the effect and how well they all looked.
dsc04283.jpg (22296 bytes)
From simple to complex, the kids displayed the full spectrum
dsc04285.jpg (51373 bytes)
Without question, the best pumpkin of the class (but then, this was her 2nd time taking this class, so :) )
dsc04287.jpg (28082 bytes)
A brighter picture of a couple of the pumpkins
dsc04288.jpg (45617 bytes)
This is the pumpkin that I did to show the technique.
dsc04291.jpg (44136 bytes)
Here the kids relax with their pumpkins after the lighting
dsc04292.jpg (45963 bytes)
Some times, too relaxed... LOL
dsc04294.jpg (78218 bytes)
Having finished early, we went back out to the concourse to relax till the end of the hour
dsc04296.jpg (48990 bytes)
Paper airplanes and kick ball were the toys of choice
dsc04299.jpg (64920 bytes)
Yep, these kids KNOW how to relax!
dsc04301.jpg (72288 bytes)
Posing pretty for the camera
Week 5
This week we begin our final pumpkin!  Taking what we have learned while doing our first pumpkin, we expect even better results this time.
dsc04431.jpg (70692 bytes)
The kids selected their pumpkins and began transferring their design onto the pumpkin.  This week is planning and drawing only.  We won't cut these till next week
dsc04433.jpg (65921 bytes)
You can see the extra effort the kids put into this second pumpkin after actually SEEING the effect with their first pumpkin
dsc04434.jpg (60309 bytes)
A pair of skulls, the perfect Halloween topic
dsc04435.jpg (45143 bytes)
Hard to see the red ink, but this is a story pumpkin with images going all the way around it, telling a story.
dsc04436.jpg (49025 bytes)
A scary pumpkin face, perfect!
dsc04437.jpg (55271 bytes)
"October" never looked so good!
dsc04438.jpg (50903 bytes)
An interesting design for a pumpkin
dsc04439.jpg (55648 bytes)
Easier to see in its original form.  I will be most interested in seeing this carved and lit.
dsc04440.jpg (115348 bytes)
I couldn't resist taking a picture of this from the classroom.  The preamble to the US Constitution, in automobile license plates...
Week 6
This is our last official week of carving.  We will have about 45 min next week for any last minute carving that needs to be done, but most of next week will be spent gutting, lighting and admiring our pumpkins
dsc04550.jpg (67402 bytes)
Working hard on an elaborate skull design
dsc04551.jpg (78534 bytes)
A similar skull design being done here, but in a TOTALLY different way, as will become clear shortly
dsc04552.jpg (64927 bytes)
Some working in groups, while others chose to work in solitude
dsc04553.jpg (67075 bytes)
Connor had some additional drawing to do before he could begin carving.
dsc04554.jpg (63762 bytes)
An interesting flag design perfectly executed. 
dsc04555.jpg (60242 bytes)
After carving, we apply a thin film of Vaseline to help protect the pumpkin
dsc04556.jpg (86400 bytes)
Here's that other skull pumpkin.  Here you can see where the entire pumpkin is being skinned, leaving just the skull.
dsc04557.jpg (63076 bytes)
Working closely on some fine details
dsc04558.jpg (66766 bytes)
Some times the hardest thing to decide is what to remove and what to keep
dsc04559.jpg (68241 bytes)
Pumpkin done, time to relax!
dsc04560.jpg (65898 bytes)
Having missed last week, she had to wait for a pumpkin, but we got one in time for her to carve a simple but fun pumpkin!
DSC04562crop.jpg (67495 bytes)
And here they are with their final pumpkins, ready for gutting (well, most of them anyway! )
Week 7
The cool weather has kept our pumpkins healthy during the week.  This is our last day.  Some are finished, some have a bit of carving left to do and some haven't even started to carve, so it's going to be a busy day!
dsc04695.jpg (64594 bytes)
At least SOMEBODY has some bright ideas! LOL
dsc04696.jpg (67324 bytes)
Having missed the last 2 weeks, this young lady has a lot of catching up to do
dsc04697.jpg (74579 bytes)
Nearly done gutting the pumpkin, we get ready to add lights.
dsc04698.jpg (70349 bytes)
Everyone was in a good mood today!
dsc04699.jpg (73118 bytes)
Nearly done carving
dsc04704.jpg (26443 bytes)
Every pumpkin is now carved, gutted and lit.  Here they are!  We have a dragon and a skull
dsc04705.jpg (30370 bytes)
A flag and a pumpkin head
dsc04706.jpg (36787 bytes)
A skull and the month of October with bats
dsc04707.jpg (27025 bytes)
Scary face and a story pumpkin of a dungeon.
dsc04709.jpg (29654 bytes)
Another shot of the dungeon and pumpkins on a pumpkin!
dsc04710.jpg (51473 bytes)
The proud pumpkin carvers pose with their creations.  Jobs well done!  I am proud of each and every one.

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