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Week 1
No class this week as this is Labor Day
Week 2
dsc03999.jpg (126546 bytes)
My new organizer!  Holds 6 poles without tangling, as well as the tackle box and other items.  Very handy!
dsc04000.jpg (128810 bytes)
Fishing poles all laid out waiting for the class to show up.  The pole on the far right is one of my surf fishing poles that I brought in to show the kids.
dsc04001.jpg (113025 bytes)
Thought this would make an artsy shot of the fishing poles...
dsc04002.jpg (129823 bytes)
So, where are the kids!?!?
dsc04003.jpg (107951 bytes)
Here they are!  After going over the schedule and some details about fishing and casting, we spent part of the afternoon practicing our casting techniques.
dsc04004.jpg (89671 bytes)
Gotta be the coolest picture I took today.  That's a level of concentration you don't see too often!
dsc04005.jpg (105735 bytes)
This is one of several new faces we have in our fishing class this session.  This young man took 2nd place in our casting contest!
dsc04006.jpg (104053 bytes)
An old hand at fishing, this young man has fished with me in at least 2 other fishing sessions.  He doesn't know it yet, but I will be relying on him to help the others...
dsc04007.jpg (98241 bytes)
Every session we have at least one young woman join us.  She has never fished but snatched up the open faced rod (the hard of the two to master) and she mastered that reel in less than a minute.
dsc04008.jpg (108628 bytes)
Another new face.  Many of these new students have fished for years, some even entering tournaments, so I expect good things from this group!
dsc04009.jpg (125154 bytes)
Another old hand with my fishing group.  I will be leaning on him for help with the class as well.  That's what happens when you get better at something.  Folks rely on you.  It's a good thing!
dsc04010.jpg (110043 bytes)
Practicing like this assures me that everyone has at least a basic understanding of how the equipment works.  Less casting into trees, weeds, fellow classmates...
dsc04011.jpg (86957 bytes)
Some pictures of the last of the practice session before the casting contest
dsc04012.jpg (77667 bytes)
Everyone seemed to have a great time
dsc04013.jpg (76836 bytes)
Previous years they would grumble about not fishing on this first day, but they have come to accept that I won't bring them to the water until I am convinced they know the equipment.
dsc04014.jpg (104309 bytes)
I was busy judging and measuring for the contest so I only got this one photo.  You can see the person casting (3rd from the left) and the 3 targets set up.  The coffee can was 3 points, yellow ball 2 points and soccer ball 1 point.  The closest cast was 12" from the coffee can.  Good stuff!
Week 3
Mines Falls Park
dsc04109.jpg (99570 bytes)
Gear laid out while I await my class
dsc04110.jpg (51397 bytes)
Mine Falls dam
dsc04111.jpg (74407 bytes)
Looking south, down the Nashua river
dsc04112.jpg (75832 bytes)
Across the river.  It's a pretty area in the city.
dsc04113.jpg (126395 bytes)
An interesting log formation
dsc04114.jpg (87460 bytes)
This tree knot caught my attention
dsc04115.jpg (84963 bytes)
Off in the distance I can see several areas that would be rich in bass
dsc04116.jpg (87686 bytes)
Such as this hung up tree
dsc04117.jpg (104855 bytes)
The first fish of the day (a sunny)
dsc04118.jpg (97463 bytes)
The kids check out different spots, searching for the best place to fish from.
dsc04119.jpg (111868 bytes)
My helper (blue striped shirt) was a major help with the kids!
dsc04120.jpg (97634 bytes)
Meryl works her rod while fishing for the very first time
dsc04121.jpg (72837 bytes)
And her very first catch is...   ...a giant weed!
dsc04122.jpg (100590 bytes)
Caught in mid-cast
dsc04123.jpg (113239 bytes)
Plenty of room for everyone at this spot
dsc04124.jpg (100219 bytes)
Fishing the log is a good choice if you can keep from getting snagged
dsc04126.jpg (79824 bytes)
Baiting her first hook
dsc04127.jpg (83346 bytes)
And we have another one!
dsc04128.jpg (75003 bytes)
An artsy shot
dsc04129.jpg (96471 bytes)
Her very first fish ever!  This B&GC program has allowed me to witness a kids first fish on many occasions.  I just love it!
dsc04130.jpg (90236 bytes)
Looking for that elusive bass
dsc04131.jpg (92609 bytes)
Candid shots through the branches of a tree
dsc04132.jpg (91576 bytes)
calm contemplation
dsc04133.jpg (96539 bytes)
Background, center - I think I see something!
dsc04134.jpg (66237 bytes)
Going for the big'un!
dsc04135.jpg (86927 bytes)
And we have our last fish for the day!
Week 4
Wasserman Park
dsc04248.jpg (66724 bytes)
Thomas nails the first one, a Pickerel.
dsc04251.jpg (58453 bytes)
I didn't get to fish much, but I was able to catch a small bass.
dsc04252.jpg (77305 bytes)
Scenes like this make classes like this SO worthwhile for me (and the kids)
dsc04253.jpg (58044 bytes)
A bad day of fishing beats a good day of most anything else!
dsc04254.jpg (88842 bytes)
The tranquility of the lake
dsc04255.jpg (65066 bytes)
The excitement of pulling in a nice fish!
dsc04256.jpg (68996 bytes)
I've never seen the kids "play" together as well as they do in fishing class!
dsc04257.jpg (88038 bytes)
This lake is known for its bass, if you can coax them from their hiding places.
dsc04259.jpg (76143 bytes)
If nothing else, I hope what the kids get out of this class is the importance and value of "relaxing with nature"
dsc04260.jpg (74269 bytes)
This could be a greeting card!
dsc04261.jpg (87269 bytes)
My helper (Nick) trying his hand at the fish
dsc04262.jpg (67503 bytes)
Meryl catches her first fish of the day, but certainly not her last!
dsc04263.jpg (78028 bytes)
BANG! Yep, she's got another!
dsc04264.jpg (91996 bytes)
Every once in a while someone will brave the weeds, knowing that there are fish in there!
dsc04265.jpg (70547 bytes)
If you look closely, yep, she's got another fish on!
dsc04266.jpg (67618 bytes)
And another!
dsc04267.jpg (72362 bytes)
Like something out of a Tom Sawyer story...
dsc04268.jpg (91659 bytes)
Two more brave the weeds
dsc04269.jpg (70985 bytes)
But the fish seem to be near the docks today
dsc04270.jpg (64354 bytes)
A close up of her sunny
dsc04272.jpg (73376 bytes)
Yep, them's som happy faces!
dsc04273.jpg (79025 bytes)
This has GOT to be a good way to relax after a day of class. 
dsc04274.jpg (84882 bytes)
One more before we're done for the day!
dsc04275.jpg (78433 bytes)
Our intrepid fishermen (and woman) pose for a picture.  What a group!
Week 5
Kids Cove
dsc04408.jpg (94104 bytes)
For someone who is learning to fish for the very first time, she catches more fish than anyone else in the class!
dsc04409.jpg (89369 bytes)
Shane casts out to the deep pools.
dsc04410.jpg (100733 bytes)
Our line of kids trying for the deeper spots.  Hard to get to as the water level is VERY low and the deeper pools are log congested (snag-city)
dsc04411.jpg (87882 bytes)
Nick is a great help in these classes, helping with baiting, clearing snags and untangling lines.
dsc04413.jpg (64584 bytes)
Yep, we got us 'nother one!
dsc04414.jpg (75095 bytes)
The smile says it all!
dsc04415.jpg (94271 bytes)
Thomas catches the first bass
dsc04416.jpg (66260 bytes)
Followed by another!
dsc04418.jpg (96311 bytes)
Relaxing near the shore
dsc04419.jpg (71606 bytes)
dsc04420.jpg (99829 bytes)
Here you can see how low the water is.  This is normally about 3 feet deep.  Today only about 6" deep.
dsc04421.jpg (80099 bytes)
The low water is exposing a lot of the sunk dead wood in this waterway.
dsc04422.jpg (99253 bytes)
You gotta LOVE that form!
dsc04424.jpg (91836 bytes)
Long October shadows set the mood for an afternoon of fishing.
dsc04425.jpg (83660 bytes)
And we have another!
dsc04426.jpg (114748 bytes)
Some of the boys took a walk up the trail with Nick to explore.
dsc04428.jpg (71587 bytes)
Tired of exploring, they decided it was better to just rest.
dsc04430.jpg (117565 bytes)
Ah-Ha!  I caught the only trout of the day (which is odd, as this is a trout breeding area...)
Week 6
No class due to 
Columbus Day holiday
Week 7
We didn't catch a darned thing this day.  We were all set to gut/clean and cook our catch but never got the chance as the fish just were not cooperating. Next year, perhaps.  However, it was a simply WONDERFUL day on the lake!   
dsc04665.jpg (73229 bytes)
Meeting the kids halfway up the hill, I walk them down to our fishing hole at Wasserman Park
dsc04666.jpg (44059 bytes)
Wasserman Park on Natticook Lake.  A very nice place to be on a very nice day such as this
dsc04667.jpg (73418 bytes)
I remember days like this.  I hope these kids will  too, now...
dsc04668.jpg (75262 bytes)
A cool Fall day in New Hampshire
dsc04670.jpg (93165 bytes)
Lines in the water, peering over the edge hoping to catch a glimpse of some fish.
dsc04672.jpg (65297 bytes)
Pictures like this remind me of why I moved back to the north east.
dsc04674.jpg (44869 bytes)
A young boy digging through a bucket of worms.  As American as apple pie!
dsc04676.jpg (58076 bytes)
A beautiful day for Kayaking
dsc04677.jpg (58760 bytes)
Not a bite all day, but everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.  I know I did.
dsc04679.jpg (72297 bytes)
Even with 3-5 kids trying to fish off of the same dock end, we had very few arguments or issues.  Everyone played well together this fine day.
dsc04683.jpg (81484 bytes)
Trying their luck in the weeds.  Nothing was biting this day.
dsc04685.jpg (83287 bytes)
Like a post card
dsc04688.jpg (54989 bytes)
I love the intensity as they work to catch a minnow then work to get him on the hook!
dsc04689.jpg (57398 bytes)
This is the most contemplative picture I have ever taken of Thomas.  I remember taking the picture without really thinking, then looking at the picture and was touched by the calmness of the scene.  I then simply stood there and watch him as the wind made little ripples in the water.  Very relaxing.
dsc04690.jpg (61461 bytes)
Packing up to leave, we take one last look out at Natticook lake.  It was a good day of fishing, though a not so good day of catching.
Thanks to all my fishing buddies!  I had a wonderful time.  I hope you did too (and I hope you learned a thing or two also!)

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