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Boston Children's Museum
July 17th, 2009

Welcome to the Boston Children's Museum rocketry adventure!   I was invited to bring a day of rocketry to the Children's Museum in the form of build sessions and rocketry demonstrations.  The area that the museum is located in (along side a river in central Boston) did not present itself with a good launching area, especially not for kids first exposure to rocketry.  

Instead, we put together a program where the kids would build a rocket and receive information on how to bet it into the air, even going so far as to inviting them to join us at our club launches in the local area.  Between build sessions I would present a small/short rocketry demo out between the building and the river.  We only flew 4 models at each of three demo's, but they were very well received (even if we did keep altitudes below 75 feet).  So much so that I saw many of my students stay and watch all 3 demo's.

Because I had to manage a very small flying field, with an active boardwalk that I had to alert before each launch, I did not have the chance to take any launch photo's.  Which is fine, because this day was really about the kids and not the rockets that I flew.  Everyone, parents/guardians included seemed to have a wonderful time.  It is my hope that we can turn this into an annual (at least) event.

On the left is a photo album of the fun we shared this day.  I look forward to returning next year for an even bigger and better event!

If you see a photo of your child or their rocket that you would like, send me an email with the filename of the photo and I can send you a high resolution version of the picture, suitable for framing.  

I look forward to visiting next years class of future rocketeers and I hope everyone had nearly as much fun as I did!   You all did a wonderful job!  I hope to see you at our launches.

Enjoy this photo album!  Click on a thumbnail on the left to get a full size image in this panel.


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