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curtis_reynolds.jpg (23225 bytes)
A.C.M.E. Spitfire pic from Curtis Reynolds
dale_marshall.jpg (86182 bytes)
Dale Marshall and his Pheord X150 photo.  This was his first, and at the time, only FlisKits kit.  Not any more! :)
don_cusdon.jpeg (55161 bytes)
Don Cusdon and his Frick-n-Frack decorated with family pictures!
doug_gardei.jpg (90637 bytes)
Doug Gardei with is StarLoad lofting 3 golf balls into the air!
elliott_bavely.jpeg (46469 bytes)
Elliott Bavely and his classic Deuce's Wild with its unique smoke trail!
gary.jpeg (58653 bytes)
Gary with his beautifully finished Borealis!
jeff_taylor01.jpeg (39794 bytes)
Jeff Taylor offers a picture of his Deuce's Wild along side Alan Estenson's Tubeces Wild
jeff_taylor02.jpeg (58796 bytes)
Jeff also provided this series of pictures showing a Deuce's Wild drag race!
jeff_taylor03.jpeg (57141 bytes)
jeff_taylor04.jpeg (48109 bytes)
jeff_taylor05.jpeg (40783 bytes)
Very kewl!
jeff_taylor06.jpeg (26357 bytes)
Next up, also from Jeff, is this Tres drag race!
jeff_taylor07.jpeg (28432 bytes)
jeff_taylor08.jpeg (27218 bytes)
jeff_taylor09.jpeg (22829 bytes)
Tres kewl!
jerry_beaucaire.jpeg (32719 bytes)
The classic A.C.M.E. Spitfire by Jerry Beaucaire
john_partridge.jpeg (82725 bytes)
John Partridge and his family proudly display their Triskelion kits!
john_potts.jpeg (52540 bytes)
Another classic Deuce's Wild launch shot by John Potts.  You gotta love that dual smoke trail!
kathy_miller.jpeg (36503 bytes)
Kathy Miller shows off her creatively decorated Deuce's Wild!
ron_coffee.jpeg (65400 bytes)
Ron Coffee sent me this picture of the Tres launch (you can see the Rock Star on the left).  Ron and Zach flew nearly their entire Flis-Fleet including the Richter Recker, Corona-2, Rock Star, Frick-n-Frack, Tres, Night Whisper, ACME Spitfire, US TOG, Preator and Freedom Forge Missile!
ron_wirth01.jpeg (15447 bytes)
Ron Wirth sent in this great shot of the Praetor-II (2-stage Praetor)!
ron_wirth02.jpeg (15493 bytes)
Even better, Ron sent this follow up shot showing the staging event!
shawn_switenky.jpeg (59823 bytes)
Shawn Switenky sent this picture of his family and friends with the Tres.
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