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dsc02524.jpg (105636 bytes)
Rocket on the pad, sans nose cone, as the altimeter is readied.
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Team looks on as Brian preps the altimeter
dsc02526.jpg (52546 bytes)
Hooking up the micro clips to the 4-motor cluster
dsc02527.jpg (111972 bytes)
Brian examines everything prior to launch
dsc02528.jpg (91029 bytes)
One final check!
dsc02529.jpg (98733 bytes)
Countdown has begun!
dsc02530.jpg (76147 bytes)
Houston, we have a problem!  Only 3 motors lit. The clips to the 4th motor held on and carried the igniter rig to the top of the rod and held the rocket in place.  At the last instant, it released and the rocket arced over and power pranged about 20 feet from the pad.
dsc02531.jpg (115915 bytes)
Inspecting the damage.  I could FEEL Brian's pain.  As upset as I knew he was, he held himself together very well.
dsc02532.jpg (47045 bytes)
A close up of the igniter rig.  More on this later.
dsc02533.jpg (53632 bytes)
Photo of their launch control panel.  Who says rocketeers don't have a sense of humor!
dsc02539.jpg (69815 bytes)
Two days later, with a repaired rocket, Brian tries again.  His team was unable to attend the launch as it was during school.  Brian was out during Study Hall on a field trip pass.
dsc02540.jpg (98709 bytes)
Taking extra care this time, Brian loads the 4 motors.
dsc02541.jpg (113523 bytes)
Brian did his best to leave nothing to chance, checking and re-checking each lead.
dsc02542.jpg (83918 bytes)
Connecting up the last of the igniter leads.
dsc02543.jpg (47519 bytes)
A close up of the igniter rig in action.  This was a ring designed to support the rocket (see the saddle under the left and right fin).  Each motor has its own set of igniter clips.  Very elegant.
dsc02544.jpg (57861 bytes)
Brian is captured at the moment of ignition, finger still on the launch button.  I can not imagine his anxiety at this critical moment when he is no longer in control.  Perfect burn and boost! 
DSC02546inset.jpg (24698 bytes)
Trying to snap photo's while keeping track of the stop watch AND the rocket, I pretty much just pointed and shot pictures without really looking at the camera.  Out of about 6 photo's I actually caught the rocket in 3 of them.
DSC02547inset.jpg (28227 bytes)
Getting closer to the ground, the rocket wasn't as far away as it appears in the pictures.
DSC02548inset.jpg (44865 bytes)
Nearing the ground about 200 yards from the launch pad, the rocket stayed well within the boundaries of the field.
dsc02549.jpg (95246 bytes)
Here, Brian shows me the egg compartment verifying that the egg is undamaged from its flight.

Average time: 44:44
Altitude: 744 Feet

Final Score: 7.12

Simply incredible!

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