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Ok, now this is not only KEWL, but is nothing short of AMAZING to boot.  This is an entry for the event A-Cluster Altitude. Look closely, this model is 18mm yet sports a 4-motor cluster.  The tail is capped with a nose cone and the motors can be seen, canted, exiting the body all along its length!   All motors lit and the model was perfectly stable.

Simply amazing!

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Bruce poses with "Joe Cool" (Gizmo)
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Many HPR flights took to the air this week!
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I have succeeded.  My goal with the many foam cup models you have seen from FlisKits was to spur an excitement in the use of foam as a primary building material.  This foam to-go container is a perfect example!
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We even had an A.C.M.E. Spitfire decorated in the Mercury Dead-Stone skins put in a flight!
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Ok, now we get down to business!  After the field fire, sparky motors were dis-allowed which meant that Scott McNeeley had to make another motor selection for his cert flight with the upscale A.C.M.E. Spitfire. That done, he is ready to go!  That's Scott holding the model as Bruce McLawhorn adjusts the pad.
p1010388.jpg (63387 bytes)
Load her on the rail.  This has GOT to be the MOST unusual cert flight model ever flown! LOL
p1010389.jpg (42402 bytes)
Nope, from this angle she's STILL ugly!  But then, that's her charm, isn't it??
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"What the heck is THAT?" is what Bruce seems to be contemplating.  Actually, they are just verifying the igniter placement.
p1010391.jpg (62526 bytes)
Scott poses for a beauty shot before the launch
(no comment)
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The motor chuffed before full burn so I got a chuff shot.  The rocket screamed into the air perfectly straight!  She arced over and deployment occured, or SHOULD have.   It seems the parachute was hung up inside the tube.  For heart wrenching seconds we watched her plumet to the earth.  About 75 feet up the chute worked herself loose for full deployment!  Cert was nearly complete, just have to get the rocket.  Not so easy seeing as she was painted the same color as dried grass... It wasn't until very late that afternoon that someone was able to locate it, much to Scott's delight!
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Some of the scale entries on display.  Here is a Little Joe II.  This model was designed and kitted by Gordon Angelo (Sandman). A very proud moment for Gordon to see someone enter his pride and joy into NARAM scale!
p1010394.jpg (51086 bytes)
A very detailed Lunar Module
p1010398.jpg (39592 bytes)
A micromax plastic model conversion entry.  It turned out to not be stable for this flight.
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Vern and Gleda Estes at the banquet on Friday evening
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The room was full, noisy and a whole lot of fun.  The following pictures are of very low quality (very poor lighting and the flash didn't do much to help).
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The trophies
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Bob Kaplow presents the Prang Award (I can't recall the actual title of this award, but it is made up of parts of rockets that pranged throughout the week.   I was tickled when Bob took a piece of the Dudley Do-Right for this trophy (the tip)
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The happy winners (can't recall the event, sorry)
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Here is Mary Wolf (second from the right) with one of her many awards from this night.
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There's Gordon (Sandman), enjoying the festivities at our table.   That's Carl McLawhorns nose to the right and Bruce in the background.
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Here I am making my presentation of a scholarship to Mary Wolf
p1010413.jpg (55231 bytes)
A few words about Mary and this award.  It was wonderful to be able to do this.
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More excited trophy winners!
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Many of the members of NARHAMS had reason to be proud.  Heck, the whole organization should be proud to have such members!  Congratulations!
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Bidding our fond goodbyes, Vern and Gleda pose with Kathy and I
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Here Kathy and I are discussing something of great importance with Gleda (probably the weather)
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I wanted to make a point of getting in a picture with Mary Wolf. She should be very proud of her accomplishments, as should her parents.  They have done a fine job.
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The next morning we visited Carl Tulanko and Gordon at Carl's place then went out for breakfast.  It was a great trip, great event and great visit with friends.  Of course, that's ME holding the leftover food LOL
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You know you're back in New England when you see statues of moose on the streets (Vermont)

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