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My Sprint'73 up on her 497th flight, climbing the numbers to 500.  Just before this flight, on my way to the pad, I noticed something was wrong.  The model just "Felt" wrong.  I looked down to discover that the body tube seam had split wide open.  It took some care and glue to nurse the body back into shape and ready for a launch.  This model is near the end of her flyable life, that is for sure!
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It was wonderful meeting up with Paul Lavin (Deepsky Rocketry) and his lovely wife!
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Dudley Do-Right, all 132 cups worth, on the maxi-Port-A-Pad and ready for launch!
P1010289crop.jpg (14852 bytes)
LIFTOFF!  Not the best launch shot, but all I could muster!  I will locate other launch shots and post.
p1010290.jpg (93349 bytes)
On this particular flight (her second of the week) she suffered complete parachute failure.  Not a problem as she comes down just as slow with or without chutes.   This time she back slide *ever* so slowly, to land right next to the LCO tent.   You can see Mark Bundick (Bunny), our NAR President, looking on.   He calmly referred to this is yet another failed assassination attempt! LOL
p1010294.jpg (40279 bytes)
Continuing the foam cup theme for the week, I also launched this scratchbuilt foam saucer design I came up with.  Called the UFFO (Unidentified Flying Foam Object), she attracted a lot of attention and I was finally convinced to make her into a kit.   A kit, in fact, that we are giving away during the month of September! Click here for details!
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Yet another fanciful look at the Deuce's Wild! engine mount.  Called the Tube-Ces Wild!, this stunning design has 6 tube fins and the Deuce motor mount for incredible flights!
p1010298.jpg (40105 bytes)
Here is a close-up of the front end showing the painting detail
p1010299.jpg (40147 bytes)
Here we see the business end with the trademark Deuce mount
p1010300.jpg (82267 bytes)
Two more Deuce's Wild! models ready for flight.  The one on the right is mine.
p1010302.jpg (25935 bytes)
Perfect liftoff with the trademark inverted V smoke trail
p1010303.jpg (30331 bytes)
Double Deuce's as my Deuce follows her example!
p1010304.jpg (15897 bytes)
Although I missed the launch shot, here is a picture perfect recovery shot of Bill Spadafora's A.C.M.E. Spitfire. An incredible amount of detail work went into this beast.
p1010306.jpg (46969 bytes)
UFFO's away!  The crowd never tired of these two models and I even flew them both during the Imagination Celebration with Rob Edmonds
p1010308.jpg (44966 bytes)
My Sprint'73 on flight number 498.  Only two more flights to go!
p1010309.jpg (36683 bytes)
More Deuce trademarks!
p1010312.jpg (53778 bytes)
I actually got to fly my PayLord kit too.  Just wish I had the time to paint the darned thing!
p1010313.jpg (85798 bytes)
Chuck and Jason, two good friends, showing off their Deuce's Wild! and what has to be the most beautiful A.C.M.E. Spitfire I have ever seen!
p1010315.jpg (52968 bytes)
And she flies as pretty as she looks too!
p1010318.jpg (33228 bytes)
Here goes a beautifully finished Night Whisper. Simply a wonderful model!
p1010319.jpg (45536 bytes)
Scale and Sport Scale were also very evident throughout the week!
p1010320.jpg (33690 bytes)
And, of course, the occasional "sporty" model, such as the Drake.
p1010321.jpg (11953 bytes)
Nice recovery too!
p1010322.jpg (77208 bytes)
Ah, Alex.  This young boy, with his mom, came by our booth to talk with us and the folks from SEMROC.  It seems his Scout pack had a rocket build session but, for some reason, it didn't include a launch.  Alex was quite upset that he had built this model but had never flown it.  Well, this week we flew the snot out of it!  The first time I loaded the motor and recovery and made sure he saw what I was doing.  After that, he was on his own (so to speak) and we flew it another 3 times.  He was very excited!
p1010323.jpg (35800 bytes)
Another Deuce takes to the air!  Note the classic Space Plane on pad #1
p1010324.jpg (37123 bytes)
It seemed like a Deuce launch this week!
p1010325.jpg (28859 bytes)
Alex's model screams into the air.  I had Alex fill out the flight card and hook her up.  So delighted were he and his mom that they showed up two more days with their own motors and flew for hours!  Now THAT'S rocketry at its best!
p1010326.jpg (34352 bytes)
I wish I had more information about the many launches I witnessed.  Very cool, none the less!
p1010327.jpg (33417 bytes)
A Stingray screams into the air.  You can see Alex's rocket ready for another flight.  At one point, Carl Tulanko (LCO at the time) commented "Have I seen you YET come out here without a gaggle of kids around you?".  The highest possible praise, in my opinion!  Thank you.
p1010328.jpg (45037 bytes)
And off goes Alex's model for another fine flight!

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