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p1010216.jpg (73550 bytes)
A FlisKits Night Whisper ready for flight
p1010219.jpg (39072 bytes)
The Sprint'73 on her 496th flight!
p1010220.jpg (67044 bytes)
A shot of the FlisKits and SEMROC booths
p1010221.jpg (52363 bytes)
The painted Rock Star on a great flight with a C11-5
p1010222.jpg (70058 bytes)
The Decaffeinator on a D12-3 with a foam glider attached.  First flight stalled a lot and I recovered the glider in the short grass.  Someone suggested I add nose weight which I did.  Next flight the glider just kept climbing until we lost sight...
p1010223.jpg (74660 bytes)
The Dudley Do-Right getting ready for her first of 4 flights.  I didn't get any good launch pictures, but they are out there and I will post them here when I can.  This is just before we raised her into launch position
1938.jpg (67241 bytes)
One of SO many people who signed the Dudley Do-Right befor her many flights.  It has become a great memento for me
Photo by Alan Estenson
1960.jpg (36796 bytes)
Alan Estenson of Hub Hobby Center got some incredible shots.  I will be integrating more of his pictures in this photo album over the next few days.  Here is one of all of us erecting the Dudley Do-Right on the pad
Photo by Alan Estenson
1962.jpg (23842 bytes)
And we have liftoff!  All for motors burning for an incredible flight!
Photo by Alan Estenson
1964.jpg (17034 bytes)
Further she goes into the wild blue yonder!
Photo by Alan Estenson
motors.jpg (64681 bytes)
Here is a closeup of the motor burn.  Man, what you can do with 35mm photography!
Photo by Alan Estenson
1977.jpg (12478 bytes)
Floating down after an incredible flight, the 16" parachute is DWARFED by the Dudley Do-Right, yet it was the perfect sized parachute for this rocket!
Photo by Alan Estenson
1979.jpg (86914 bytes)
On the ground with only minimal damage, this we repaired in less than 10 minutes to fly again the next day!
Photo by Alan Estenson
1980.jpg (33842 bytes)
Now, do I look happy in this picture?  Gee, I wonder why!
Photo by Alan Estenson
p1010225.jpg (95125 bytes)
For an 18.5 foot rocket, even a gentle landing can crack a glue joint or two.   Perfect flight and landing on 4 D12-3 motors.
p1010226.jpg (38470 bytes)
Steve Carr's Little Joe II on a perfect flight with an F40-4
2060.jpg (39181 bytes)
A beautiful shot of someone's Tres taking to the air on 3 C6-5 motors!
Photo by Alan Estenson
p1010227.jpg (39327 bytes)
An HPR bird takes to the air
p1010229.jpg (15148 bytes)
And returns to the earth!
p1010230.jpg (70749 bytes)
My son, Joe, gets into it with the building of a Long Overdue kit.
p1010240.jpg (34855 bytes)
A picture of Dudley Do-Right with all of the signatures she has received
p1010241.jpg (28986 bytes)
A close-up of some of the signatures.  Folks were having a ball becoming a part of this beasts launch!
p1010242.jpg (80148 bytes)
Scott McNeely's upscale A.C.M.E. Sptifire. Scott would later cert L1 with this model!
p1010244.jpg (70888 bytes)
Gordon (sandman) with is Baby-Bertha/Little Joe II kit-bash.  Very kewl!
p1010246.jpg (75206 bytes)
My 13mm "Deuce of Hazzard" with only one motor burning.   The igniter in the other motor was broken.
payloader.jpg (23538 bytes)
Probably one of the most impressive launches of the entire week!  Here the launch crew relax waiting for countdown
Photo by Alan Estenson
Fun by Jim Flis
payloader01_sm.jpg (26396 bytes)
T-minus Zero and we have motor ignition!
Photo by Alan Estenson

Fun by Jim Flis
payloader03_sm.jpg (28890 bytes)
And we have LIFTOFF!  All motors burning, the most incredible water-loft rocket I have ever seen takes to the air!
Photo by Alan Estenson
Fun by Jim Flis
2176.jpg (16924 bytes)
Here is the original, untouched photo.  Still a good one, but no where near as much fun LOL
Photo by Alan Estenson
p1010247.jpg (39458 bytes)
One of many Deuce's Wild! kits takes to the air!
p1010250.jpg (61246 bytes)
Scott and Jim pose with the upscale A.C.M.E. Spitfire
p1010252.jpg (46646 bytes)
We had the misfortune of a grass fire that was quickly extinguished.
p1010253.jpg (68928 bytes)
By the time the Fire Department showed up, all was under control.  They watered down the hot spots and offered to fill our water containers with potable water.
p1010258.jpg (78846 bytes)
The pups at the SEMROC booth (our neighbors at NARAM and very close friends) Gizmo (the brown Yorky) and Beans
p1010259.jpg (45582 bytes)
Now, if THIS don't melt your heart, nothing will!
p1010262.jpg (89282 bytes)
The FlisKits booth has a moment of quiet in the middle of the day
p1010263.jpg (89759 bytes)
As does SEMROC
p1010264.jpg (88523 bytes)
Family members from around the country joined Jim and Kathy Flis and enjoyed the launches a great deal!
p1010266.jpg (43045 bytes)
Whew, tough to catch, this is our Micromaxx version of the Deuce's Wild! kit called the "Diminutive Deuce" under full burn with a cluster of 2 MMX motors!
p1010267.jpg (37102 bytes)
A very rare OverDue kit takes to the air
p1010268.jpg (64136 bytes)
A stunningly creative futuristic scratch built model
p1010269.jpg (29793 bytes)
Many launches and a whole lot of fun this week so far!
p1010270.jpg (36510 bytes)
My naked Tri-Glide puts in a great flight

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