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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
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FlisKits, Inc. is just beginning, but we are always striving to provide the easiest ordering possible.

Domestic Shipping/Handling Charges
For international order see below
NOTE: Shipping charges have changed to take into account recent changes in shipping costs with USPS and UPS

$0.00 - 9.99 $5.54
$10.00 - 49.99 $6.90
$50.00 - 99.99 $8.25
$100.00 - 199.99 $8.25
$200.00 and up $8.25
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Gift Certificates
from FlisKits

$ 10.00

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We have now upgraded our shopping cart, integrating the PayPal shopping cart into our product pages!  This added security, comfort and ease of use will enhance your ordering activities from FlisKits.

Pre-Order Restrictions and Guidelines

More and more often, as FlisKits prepares to announce new products, requests are received asking if we accept pre-orders.  As of November 2003, FlisKits is accepting pre-orders on newly announced products with the following restrictions:

  1. Pre-orders will not be accepted until such time as the product announcement appears on our web site.
  2. Pre-order ship dates are estimates only.  No guarantees are implied on the actual ship date of newly announced products.  If there are any delays from the original ship date goal, the web site will be updated and any customers who have pre-ordered such a kit will be informed.
  3. If you order includes a mix of standard products and pre-orders of new kits, split shipment of the order will incur additional shipping charges to be quoted separately.
  4. The OverDue promotion shall not apply to any order containing a pre-order of a newly announced kit.

NOTE: The online shopping feature is designed for domestic (USA) customers only, at this time.  We appologize for this inconvenience.  FlisKits ships worldwide, but for orders outside of the United States we must request a more manual ordering system.  Please see below for special instructions.  We hope to have worlwide shipping information integrated into our site at a future date.

When browsing our products pages you can click "Add to Cart" or "View Cart" at any time.  A separate window will open, showing you the contents of your shopping cart.  From here, you can either continue shopping, update your cart or go to checkout to supply payment information and complete your ordering process.

If you choose to NOT use our online ordering system, you have several other options available to you (Referring to the menu on the left):.

  • You can click on PDF Form, and print out the provided form, fill it out and mail it, with your payment (check or money order) to FlisKits
  • You can click on Web-Form (a simpler form, without a survey), fill it out and mail it, with your payment to FlisKits.
  • You can send an email to sales@fliskits.com with your order (please include model name, model number, total order cost, shipping charges, method of payment and shipping address)and send payment via regular mail.   Sending your order via email allows us to get your order packaged and ready to go, so that we can ship your order upon receipt of payment.

For our international customers, you can place electronic orders two ways:

  1. Place your order using our online PayPal ordering system.  If you use this system, you will receive a followup message from FlisKits indicating the balance in shipping due to FlisKits in order to ship your order.  your order will be pre-packaged and await payment of the added shipping charges before it is shipped.
  2. You can use one of the following methods, depending on your location:
    1. For orders to Canada: Our Canadian customers should place their order via email to sales@fliskits.com and, using the shipping chart found above, add an addition 10% of the order sub-total to these shipping charges (or write/call for a quote)  Payment for your complete order, plus the calculated shipping can be made via PayPal.
    2. For orders Overseas: Our overseas customers should send an order request to sales@fliskits.com .  FlisKits will turn around a shipping quote within 24 hours.  You can then submit payment via PayPal

Always striving to provide the easiest, most secure ordering possible, FlisKits, Inc. will continue to review our ordering processes and providing improvements as needed.

The links to the left provide you with copies of our order form.  Our Products page will give you the grand tour of all of our product offerings and the information that you will need to put on the order form.

FlisKits currently accepts payment by personal checks, bank checks, money orders and PayPal.  At this time, we can not accept direct credit card purchases.   Please, do NOT send cash.

FlisKits ships orders via USPS and UPS (depending on ship weight) unless otherwise requested by the customer.  Using a carrier other than USPS or UPS may result in higher shipping costs and possible delays in receipt of order.

FlisKits guarantees delivery of your order in 2-4 weeks upon receipt of your order with full payment (NOTE: As we progress and become more experienced, this ship time will be reduced).  Your total payment includes the cost of each item ordered as well as shipping costs based on the shipping table provided on the order form.   Incomplete orders and orders lacking full payment can not be processed and will be returned to the sender.

FlisKits works very hard to fill your order promptly and completely.  In some cases, it is practical for FlisKits to ship part of your order, once it is ready with the balance shipped at a later date.  Should this happen with your order, the shipping receipt in your first shipment will specify this.

FlisKits guarantees all orders will be received in 2-4 weeks. If, for any reason, it becomes clear that FlisKits will not be able to satisfy your order within that 4 weeks deadline, you will be informed immediately.  Further, FlisKits will ship, at our expense, a unique skill level 2 model rocket kit, aptly named the "Over Due", (retail value: $14.00) to you as compensation for the lateness of your order.


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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