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Information for perspective retailers - Why Carry FlisKits?
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Your first question, as a retailer, is probably "Why should I bother to carry FlisKits model rocket kits?"  It is our hope that this short section helps to answer that question.

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FlisKits is a great believer in letting the experts do what they are best at.   FlisKits’ expertise is in the design and manufacture of model rocket kits and accessories, so that is what we focus our energies on.  We are not expert at making nose cones, cutting body tubes or forming centering rings and the like.  Rather, we contract these jobs to the experts.  With vendors throughout the country, FlisKits obtains the highest quality parts and materials from the recognized experts in the field.  Their body tubes are recognized as the highest quality available, precision made and precision cut to size.  Their laser cut centering rings are always a perfect fit for the application and their nose cones are the envy of the industry.  From balsa fin stock to silk-screened  parachutes and waterslide decals, you will not find higher quality materials anywhere in the market and FlisKits customers agree.


This, more than anything else, is the FlisKits mark of excellence.  With designs that are truly unique while reflecting the imagination, innovation and quality of the past, FlisKits stands alone in an industry of snap together, look-a-like models that seem to fill the market today.  FlisKits has set the industry on its collective ear with unique and exciting designs that teach as well as satisfy.  The return of cluster models is the result of FlisKits innovation and determination.   Unusual designs, exciting markings and one of a kind styles has set FlisKits apart from the rest of the industry.  With 24 kits on the market and well over 100 designs yet to see the light of day, FlisKits is well prepared to continue its tradition of excitement and enjoyment well into the future.


Another hallmark of FlisKits excellence is in its documentation.  Each kit comes with a colorful front cover art card with details about the kit, its history and parts lists.  Instructions provide information about assembly of the kit with detailed steps and associated clear figures making assembly a snap, even for the beginner.  Special models, such as clusters and multi-stage models provide detailed instructions on preparing the model for flight, touching on the unique challenges presented by the type of model.  Fin pattern sheets provide all of the patterns needed to cut fins, body tubes and measure/mark components as called out in the instructions.  Certain models require body wraps and similar details.  All such warps are printed in high relief detail from our professional printing company, in full color with laser sharpness.  Ranked as some of the best documentation in the industry.

From the very beginning, FlisKits packaging was designed with the retail market in mind while protecting the needs of the end user customer as well.  All model rocket kits are professionally heat sealed in 3 mil plastic bags with a full color laser printed cover, providing important information about the contained kit.  The cover art shows an image of the finished kit along with specifications, required motors, skill level, name and part number.  Also, the FlisKits trademark color slash helps to organize models for best presentation.  Each kit has its own color slash indicating the type of model (orange for clusters, slate blue for futuristic, etc) to help make it easy to group them by type on your wall.  Additionally, each kit comes with a double thick header tag with a pre-drilled hole for hanging on a retail hook.  While sized to fit the kit, each tag has a trademark look displaying the FlisKits logo for easy identification and to distinguish FlisKits products from other companies.  The bag that the kits are sealed in is clear throughout, allowing the customer the ability to SEE the contents of the kit (considered a major problem with other manufacturers products).  This way the customer (and retailer) can verify the quality of the parts and see any damage easily.  Also visible from the back is the FlisKits full 1 year warranty card.  All FlisKits components are similarly packaged but with black/white artwork as opposed to full color.  This helps to keep costs down and also provides it own distinctive look to identify it as a quality FlisKits component or accessory.

Order Processing for Retailers:

(Please review the enclosed “Retailer Discount Program” to understand the rules and obligations for both FlisKits and the Retailer before placing your order.)

Orders can be placed via email to sales@fliskits.com , mail order or phone.  At this time we do not have a FAX machine, but hope to soon.

When you place your order, please include the following information:

  • Kit model number
  • Kit name
  • Quantity
  • Your name
  • Store name and shipping address
  • Phone number (fax also, if applicable) and email
  • Method of payment (Paypal, check or money order only at this time)

FlisKits will return a quote within 48 hours.  This quote will show all discounts, shipping and any past credits/debits that apply.  Once FlisKits has received approval for the quote, your order will be processed.  FlisKits typically has all items in stock at all times.  As a result, most orders ship within 24-48 hours of approval.   If there are any shortages, you will be informed of what the shortage is and when the item is expected to be in stock.  All orders are invoiced and you can either pay against the invoice or you can pre-pay.  Please review the discount program for discount incentives for pre-payment options.

Why purchase FlisKits products?

Many of the reasons have been described in detail above, but deserve to be recapped here and included with other important reasons when considering taking on a new vendor for your shop:

  • Exciting new designs that will thrill your customers and break you away from the tired “3 fins and a nose cone”  type of models that are available from the other companies.
  • Attractive and attention-getting package artwork to attract your customers and to maintain the clean professional appearance of your shop.
  • High quality parts, that you and the customer can view easily to verify condition
  • High quality designs and clear instructions so that your customer will come back for more
  • Low prices.  Item for item, FlisKits has some of the lowest prices in the industry.
  • Good margins.  Our discount program, while not up to the levels of larger companies, is competitive and getting more so.  You will notice that when we do raise our prices, along with that we increase our retailer discounts allowing you realize greater margins with your purchases.
  • A growing company with a strong history and promising future.  FlisKits is not a small part time company.  Rather it is the newest member of this strong hobby industry.  We will be here far into the future to continue to support your rocketry needs.
  • Strong customer support and loyalty.  To date FlisKits has served well over 3000 customers and that number grows daily.  Day to day approximately 40% of our web based orders come from new customers telling us that word of mouth support of our products and company is still strong and growing stronger.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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