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Information for perspective retailers
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The folks at FlisKits would like to thank you for your interest in our products.  This link has been provided to you because you have expressed an interest in carrying our products in your store.

This page will provide you with some information about our company and our product set that will be of unique interest to you as a retailer, and can even serve as a resource for you after you carry our product.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact FlisKits.  Also, if you feel that there is any information that should be on this page, but isn't, please let us know and we will look into adding it for you and our other retailers around the world.

  • First and foremost, FlisKits will not use our web site to compete with our retailers.  Our goal is to make you successful.  To that end, with the exception of the occasional special or sale, FlisKits will sell products at the retail price (MSRP) on our web site.

  • What do FlisKits products look like in the package? This link will bring to you a short photo album showing a sampling of our products in their packaged state.   We recognize the value of your shelf space and the importance of presenting an attractive and inviting product to your customer.  All FlisKits model rocket products are professionally packaged with that in mind.  Please review this short photo essay and see for yourself.  Our products will stand side by side with any other manufacturers products.

  • What are our customers saying about FlisKits? In the short time that FlisKits has been serving the model rocket community we have established ourselves as a creative, innovative and productive leader, filling a much needed gap in the hobby of model rocketry.  With a reputation that spans the globe, we have exceeded all expectations for product appearance, creativity, quality, presentation, pre-sales and post-sales customer support and on time delivery.   Follow this link to Essence Model Rocket Reviews where our customers have submitted reviews on our products and see what they are saying.  (NOTE: This link will open in a new window)

  • What does the competition say about FlisKits? This is a tougher question, as little is said in public.   However, at the 2004 NARCON (NAR Convention) held in Kenosha, WI, Bill Stine (founder and CEO of Quest Aerospace), when responding to a question on customer service said "If you want to know about customer service, you should talk to the people at FlisKits.  They have set the standard that the rest of the industry has to try to meet".  We are very proud of that reputation as we have worked very hard to earn it.

  • Who ARE these guys at FlisKits? FlisKits is comprised of 2 officers, Jim Flis and Brian McCarthy.

    • Jim is a retired hardware and software engineer with engineering management experience as well as web development.  A graphic artist and fishing addict, Jim resides in the small town of Merrimack, New Hampshire, with his wife Kathy.  His two children, Jen and Joe currently attend local colleges (as of 2004).  More information about Jim can be found in his biography by following this link.

    • Brian is a software engineer/business manager with Hewlett Packard (formerly Compaq, formerly Digital Equipment Corp.)  Brian also holds the position of Alderman at Large for the city of Nashua, NH.  Brian resides in Nashua with his wife Gloria.  Their two children, John and Kimberly currently attend college (as of 2004).

  • When and why did we start FlisKits?   A brief history of the founding of FlisKits can be found by following this link.  After an exciting start in September of 2002, FlisKits exploded on the scene of model rocketry with innovative designs in a hobby starved for innovative designs.  We began with 12 kits and, as of August of 2004, we have 22 kits and a full line of quality model rocketry components available to the community.  While numbers are hard to come buy in a field of privately held companies, FlisKits is commonly consider the third largest and fastest growing model rocket company in the world.

  • What can FlisKits do for you, a retailer?  FlisKits can provide you with an exciting new line of model rocket kits that fire the imagination, differ radically from that of other manufacturers, and provide a fresh face on a tired hobby.  FlisKits can bring to you a new wave of customers who are rediscovering rocketry or discovering it for the first time through FlisKits.  We will also place information about your retail outlet on our retailers page so that our customers can find you.  With an average of 25,000 hits per day on our web site (and growing), we are sure to have potential customers from your area surfing our site, hoping to find a hobby shop near them that carries our products.

If you have any questions, or feel that additional information is needed, please contact us.  Help us grow by helping YOU grow.

The staff at FlisKits, Inc.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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