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Information for perspective retailers - Customer Comments
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We are proud of our products and proud of what our customers are saying about us.  This short list gives you a general example of how customers around the world have reacted to our products, our company and our service.

To see actual, unsolicited reviews, please follow this link to Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews for a complete list of reviews on FlisKits model rocket kits and accessories.

Each item below is taken from actual email or mail order, direct from customers of FlisKits products:

        Simply WOW!!! Great website, easy navigation, fast, easy ordering (even with PayPal). I ordered two kits; Deuce's Wild! and the Richter Recker (yes I like clusters). They came fast!!! Packaging is great, instructions very clear, high quality parts and I love that the fins are NOT die-cut. This leaves the builder some options with what ultimately gets built!!! - M.D.

  • Jim, it appears you have a great service. Not many vendors send their customers an email stating their order has been shipped or packed. I really appreciate that!  To be honest I was quite impressed with the kit selection you offer. I will be ordering again. I've already told several people in our club about you.  Thanks again, and can't wait to get the kits! Jerry

        Greetings from Black Hills Rocketry Club here in South Dakota. I was recently 'bombarded' with emails from a club member concerning your rockets. He was very impressed with your service, and ALL of us were impressed with the rockets he brought to 'show off'. The Deuces Wild is really that, wild! Not only LOOKS cool, but FLIES even better!.       T.E.

        You deserve special praise for your EXCELLENT instructions and tips. Someone who has never built a rocket kit could easily build a Flea. Dave

        The FlisKits Overdrive is very slick model made from some of the highest quality parts available, making it a real pleasure to build and fly.  Carl

        This is, typically for Fliskits, a VERY good kit overall. At only just over 11 including shipping from the USA, this kit is exceptional value for money. Dan

        The FlisKits TumbleWeed is a very cool little kit! Don't let the small package fool you as there are some building challenges in store, but the results reminded me once again of the old Nostalgic rockets from days of old, when quality and classic design prevailed over mass production. Carl

        I heartily recommend this kit (Cheetah!). This is another high quality rocket kit from FlisKits, Inc. The kit components are first rate, finish nicely and come together to make an extremely high flying model. For those modelers looking for a step up from "ready to fly" kits, this will be a refreshing, attractive, sleek addition to their fleet. - Russ A.

        The FlisKits ACME Spitfire is an amazingly stable, absolutely cool model that is a MUST-HAVE for everyone’s silo. FlisKits has been at it again, burning the midnight oil to bring you probably the most unique model rocket kit ever to be mass produced. C.T.

        This FlisKit's Corona kit reminded me of the cool 70's and 80's Estes kits. It's not just one you glue together and slap on the launch pad. It takes thinking and a little skill. It's fun to build, and it provides a nice reward when you are done. I see no way of improving it at all. It's a super kit for the price, as all components and instructions are excellent. Overall, I give it a 5/5. - Greg D.

        I bought 4 (Deuce’s Wild! kits) when the balsa was still warm.  this is one cool, kool, kewl kit. RANDY

        This project (FlisKits Tres) is such a change from ESTES kits. I am having a blast with it. Karl D.

        Well done Fliskits! For every high performance rocket I build from now on, I will put a Fliskits PopLug kit on it. The Flea is my all time favourite rocket! Phil (UK)

        I wish the hobby shop across the street from my house would get FlisKits. Ryan

        For those of you who have looked at the Praetor and wondered about buying it, go for it. Another great kit form FlisKits and it has that out of the ordinary look to it. I love it!! Another kudos to FlisKits!! Bill

        I never realized the details of the inner tube fins (Long OverDue). This is indeed another cool design. Jim

        I’ve dealt with many vendors but I can say that Jim Flis at Fliskits has got to have the best service out there. If ya need something fast this is the company to go to even with weird and odd orders they are the best in my book. Bow

        Having dealt with you as a customer & a vendor. I would like you to know that we model our customer service on yours. You and your company are excellent to deal with and should be considered the gold standard for rocket related customer service. Mike

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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