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acme_front.jpg (109674 bytes)
Front cover of one of our most popular kits, the A.C.M.E. Spitfire.  Kit art provides light humor while maintaining the well know FlisKits look.  Note the brown slash, indicative of a SPORT model.
acme_back.jpg (90590 bytes)
Back of package shows the FlisKits trademark clear back package so that the customer can see the kit contents.  Also visible is the FlisKits product warrenty.
acme_detail.jpg (80027 bytes)
Close up of the kit parts show the typical quality that rockeeters have come to associate with FlisKits.
drake_front.jpg (34816 bytes)
The Drake package, showing the slate blue slash of a Futuristic model.  The Drake was the anniversary kit of the 2003 National Sport Launch, recognizing FlisKits' contribution to the model rocket community as a whole.
drake_back.jpg (33875 bytes)
Package back shows all parts.  Note the laser cut fins.  This is NOT typical of FlisKits products, choosing to use sheet balsa with fin patterns, but certain kits warrant laser cut fins and we provide them on some of our kits.
drake_detail.jpg (36317 bytes)
This detail picture shows a close up view of the contents of the Drake.
grissom_front.jpg (96385 bytes)
The U.S.S. Grissom is the most complicated kit in our fleet of model rocket products.   Note in the case of this kit, while it has the trademark slate blue slash for a Futuristic kit, it also boasts a full color image of space for the background.
grissom_back.jpg (88331 bytes)
The package back shows all of the parts including key items that set this kit apart from the rest (see next 2 pictures)
grissom_decal.jpg (56286 bytes)
This closeup photo shows the Silk-Screened waterslide decals that come with this kit.   It is this level of quality that sets this kit apart from the rest.
grissom_nose.jpg (46021 bytes)
This close up of the many (9) professionally turned balsa nose cones further shows the special nature of this particular kit.
nomad_front.jpg (85300 bytes)
Front cover of the Nomad (Note the orange slash for a multi-stage model).  This photo also shows off the FlisKits header tag well.  This tag is double folded 110# card stock, pre-punched with a hang hole and is heat sealed into the packaging.
nomad_back.jpg (47880 bytes)
Rear view rewards the modeler with a treasure trove of model rocket components, typical of a multi-stage rocket.
nomad_detail.jpg (38120 bytes)
As with all of our kits, we are proud of the quality of our components and go out of our way to show them off in our clear backed bags.
rhino_front.jpg (47443 bytes)
The Rhino, our premier Skill Level 1 kits featuring laser cut fins.  This, as will all of our kits, is available in educational bulk pack (Please contact us for information).  This cover art has been changed (see below)
rhino_back.jpg (37281 bytes)
Back of kit package shows all parts including the laser cut fins.
rhino_detail.jpg (48299 bytes)
Showing off our quality again, in this close up photo.
rhino_cover_new.jpg (64128 bytes)
The original Rhino kit came with a set of peel-and-stick decals (depicted on the original kit cover art).  Feedback from educators and youth groups indicated that they did not want such decals as it stiffled the students imagination.  To that end, we have removed these from the kit and changed the cover art to reflect that.

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