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FlisKits style!

Welcome to the world of Micromaxx® and the only Micromaxx products endorsed by Quest Aerospace, the originators of the Micromaxx product line.  If you are new to the Micromaxx line or an established fan of these tiny flying models, we STILL "welcome you to the world of Micromaxx", because even if you have been flying Micromaxx models for years, you have never seen Micromaxx models the likes of what FlisKits will be producing.  True builder’s kits with the quality, innovation and support that you have come to know and trust from the folks at FlisKits.

There have been rumbling; there have been rumors; there have been hints and sneak peeks.  It is now time to "spill the beans", as it were!

Independent of Quest Aerospace, FlisKits has been contemplating a small line of Micromaxx based kits or, at the very least, a line of parts for the scratch builder.

Then in early 2005, Quest announced that the Spring '05 rollout of the new Micromaxx line had been put on hold.

FlisKits became interested in what Quest was up to as this could have an impact on any line FlisKits would announce.   Quest became interested in the depth of the FlisKits line and how serious FlisKits was about its support.

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This common interest lead to some casual conversations between Bill Stine and Matt Costabile of Quest Aerospace and Jim Flis and Brian McCarthy of FlisKits.  As the discussions continued two things became apparent.  First, Quest Aerospace wanted to move their R&D budget away from Micromaxx and toward their Educational and Motor development projects.  Second, FlisKits had the unique set of talents and capabilities that would allow for the design and creation of a successful and exciting new line of Micromaxx kits.

mmx_triskelion.jpg (39706 bytes) As it came to be, Quest has decided to discontinue their efforts with respect to the Micromaxx line of kits (see the Quest Qblog of 07/18/05) and to endorse the FlisKits line of Micromaxx kits and products.  Quest will still provide their line of Micromaxx motors to the hobby community, however.

With this decision and endorsement, FlisKits has made the decision to expand their initial plans to include 4-5 exciting new

Micromaxx kits and a slew of new and exciting parts and accessories and, further, to accelerate their release schedule to the early Fall time frame.

This series of events, discussions and decisions is a clear example of Quest Aerospace's dedication to their customers in that they would not discontinue this sought after line of kits until they had secured a reliable solution for the many Micromaxx enthusiasts they have nurtured over the years.

Furthermore, this is an example of the dedication of FlisKits, Inc. to the growth and health of model rocketry as well as the importance they place on the Micromaxx modeling community.

Please join us for the unveiling of the FlisKits Micromaxx line of model rocket kits and supplies, to be displayed on this site in the coming weeks.

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Micromaxx is a registered trademark of Quest Aerospace, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Used with permission.

Great things are happening at FlisKits!

You DON'T want to miss it!

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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